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More "Our Beautiful Planet"

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Champagne pool in Waitapu, New Zealand.

Computer-generated image depicting the perpetual convection of 
hot plumes of rock from Earth's core to its crust.

 Silfra Crack, Iceland is the location where Europe 
and America's continental plates meet and drift apart.

Spewing lava in Erte Ale, Ethiopia.

 Meltwater on the surface of Jakobshavn Glacier, Greenland.

Salt flats in Purmamarca, Argentina. 

El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, California.

Snow drift near Argentière Glacier, Alps, France.

ALL IMAGES:     Image copyright BBC

All pictures - this email and the previous email - from the National Geographic web site - 
Of which the web site from the email is no longer active.

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July 2008

Check This House Out!!!!

This article and pictures are from 2006, but I received the email forward in February of 2008.

Barton's  Mansion Sells at Auction for $7 Million
January 20th, 2006     Click here to see the link  
Sam Penrod  Reporting
A Utah County man believes he got a bargain  today when he paid seven million, that's seven million dollars, for a home  in Alpine. The mansion was built and owned by attorney Keith Barton, who  does extensive advertising for his personal injury firm, but it was the  bank who sold it a foreclosure auction.
There were just a handful of  registered bidders who were qualified to bid on the property, which some  appraisals had at more than twenty million dollars. But it took much less  cash before the bidding was over. 

'If there are no further bids, the  property is sold to Mr. Ledbetter who is the highest bidder at public  auction, for seven million dollars.'
Keith Barton, who owned the  home, attended the sale. Apparently, his last minute efforts to save it  from the foreclosure sale failed. The home, which was on the real estate  market last fall, for 14.9 million dollars was billed as a 'pure work of  art.' It is on nine acres and has seven bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, a gourmet  kitchen, ballroom, salon, gold leaf detail, marble, original stained  glass, as well as a pool, granite stone pathways, barn, loft and a  greenhouse.'
Lennon  Ledbetter, Highest Bidder: 'It's an unbelievable piece of property,  unbelievable quality and finish; the details are unbelievable.'
The new owner says he will be  sympathetic to the Barton family and will allow them some time to move  out. Ledbetter is originally from Utah County and is involved in Quixtar, a  multi-level marketing company in the same family as Amway.
The furniture in the home was  not included in the seven million dollars. Ledbetter plans to negotiate  with the lender, who has a lien on that part of the property, so he can  buy it too.

The  house of attorney Keith Barton -- noted for his 'one call, that's all'  television adsAuctioned off with the  proceeds going to a bank to repay a revolving credit loan.

Front View of House



Entryway in house


Living Room 
Living room

Great Room 
 Great room 


Ice Cream Parlor

 Master Bedroom

 Master Closet
 Master Closet

 Master Bath





 Dining Room
 Dining Room

Ball Hall

Family room





Hot Tub


Sitting Room

 Music Room








 Aerial View East

Aerial Front

Laundry Room


Mechanical Room

From February 2008