Monday, February 23, 2015

Annual Note From The Blogger

I'm a little late with my annual TOP TEN - I've been sick!

The Biggest upset I had this year was being reported for a picture that a reader did not want on on this web site.  I never did find out what picture it was?  A link was provided - with many, many others that were to be modified - I never did find the one that was the one for this web site.  I feel bad - PLEASE - if you see a picture on here that is yours and you want it deleted PLEASE leave a comment and let me know which picture it is and I will delete it.  Or if you just want your name attached, please include that info and I will do what you ask!  It is MUCH faster than reported it!

Thanks for all your views, goggle shares, posting on facebook and any other way you share these awesome email forwards with others!

Once again, I would like to state that none of these forwards are mine . . . they are just forwards that I have received and posted on here.  Thanks!

With last years ranking in parentheses -

1.  More Images of 9/11 and Video "Boatlift"  (2)
2.  Irena Sendler - WWII Save of Children   (1)
3.  Take a WORLD TOUR with a Professional Photographer  (3)
4.  Happy St. Patrick's Day  (7)
5.  Calvin and Hobbes - Snowman Cartoon  (4)
6.  Pumpkins - Cute and Funny  (5)
7.  Prom Day In The Hood
8.  Happy Thanksgiving 2012  (8)
9.  Maxine on Christmas  (10)
10 Time For Maxine Again! (6)

The Next Top 10

11.    Circle of Friendship  (12)
12.   Incredible Storms of Lighthouses  (11)
13.  Maxine on Housework
14.  Scintillating Unique Places From Around The World
15.  Mind Tricks
16.  Computer Humor In Cartoons  (16)
17.  Hurricane Sand-Before and After Pictures of Jersey Shore  (15)
18.  Images of 9/11 We Will Never Forget
19.  Maxine on Mother's Day
20.  Happy Thanksgiving   (2011)  (14)

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