Thursday, July 23, 2015

How Cool Is This?!!

Crow Rides On The Back Of An Eagle Midflight

A well known photographer by the name of Phoo Chan recently captured an unbelievable moment in wildlife when he was out taking pictures. Chan is a California based bird photographer whose images have been featured in publications such as National Geographic but he has never captured a moment such as this one. In the series of photos he took, he was able to capture a crow landing on the back of a bald eagle during mid flight.

 Chan, who is familiar with many different types of birds, says that crows are known for typically harassing other much larger birds that make their way within their territory. Usually, the larger birds or "intruders" leave the area without putting up any sort of fight after the crow approaches them.
 In this instance, that didn't seem to be the case.
 The crow landed gently on the back of the eagle and got the opportunity to enjoy a scenic ride on top of our national bird.
 And the bald eagle, didn't seem to mind carrying the extra weight on his back.

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