Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Adorable Kids Falling Asleep In Funny Places

When it comes to napping after a long day, no one can do it better than a child. After a day of playing outdoors, they're worn out but I can't deny that I'm a tad bit jealous of how kids can manage to sleep just about anywhere. Who needs a bed when you have all of these following options to sleep on!

What is that smell?!

Looks like someone had a little too much milk last night...

Two couches are more comfortable than one, right?

These boots were made for napping.

"You can't leave the table until you finish everything on your plate." 
We've all heard that one.

Shopping can be so exhausting.

Who knew bread could make the ultimate pillow...

At least this shelf keeps things dark.

Special delivery!

Is it story time yet?

Sleighs are comfortable... right?

We've all been there. 

Time for some yoga poses!

I can't get myself back up...

He was so close to having a pillow.

We can all relate. Work can be draining!

Well, at least he almost made it to the bed.

I'll break out after this quick power nap.

Doing laundry isn't easy.

Let me just lay my head down for just a minute...

Playing can be so hard.

Shopping isn't so bad when you can be pushed around everywhere.

Wake up and smell the flowers!

Man's best friend... and pillow.

Well, that's another way to get good use of a chair.

What was in that corn dog?

"I'm off the clock." Even super heroes need a break

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