Saturday, May 13, 2017

Rare and unusual flowers!

 Beehive Ginger

 Chinese Lantern

 Black Cat Flower

 Wax Plant

 Titan Arum (gigantic blooming onion species)

 Candy Cane Sorrel



 American Ghost Orchid

 Zebra Flower (a type of gloxinia)

 Balloon Flower

 Passion Flower Blossom

 Yellow Lady's Sipper Orchid

 Jade Vine

 Monkey Orchid

 Fritillaria Tubiformis

 Japanese Camellia

 Hairy Toad Lily

 Columbine Magpie

 Queen of the Night (aka - Night Blooming Cereus)

Angel's Trumpets ( aka Jimson Weed -
Anyone remember Gene Autry Singing "Back in the Saddle Again?  
Where the longhorn cattle feed on the lowly Jimon Weed . . . ")

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