Thursday, March 19, 2015

"Slurpy Waves" - Nearly Frozen Waves So Cool!

These are the coolest pictures ever!!  I just wish he had gotten some video of it!
CLICK HERE to see more of JDN Photos of the "slurpy waves".  
And he has LOTS!!

The Little Mermaid - An Amazing Story!

Little Shiloh Pepin has sirenomelia or "mermaid syndrome", a rare birth condition where her legs have been fused together at birth. In most cases, persons born with sirenomelia die at birth, or get surgery to separate the fused legs. Shiloh has defeated the odds in making it to her eighth birthday.

Sirenomelia, alternatively known as Mermaid Syndrome, is a very rare congenital deformity in which the legs are fused together, giving them the appearance of a mermaid's tail.

This condition is found in approximately one out of every 100,000 live births (about as rare as conjoined twins) and is usually fatal within a day or two of birth because of complications associated with abnormal kidney and urinary bladder development and function. More than half the cases of sirenomelia result in stillbirth and this condition is 100 times more likely to occur in identical twins than in single births or fraternal twins. It results from a failure of normal vascular supply from the lower aorta in utero.
This video is a complete documentry and it is 44 minuest and 57 seconds.

US Aircraft Carrier's power - Wow

This is great info to see and hear about . . . but should it be on the internet for ALL to see - even those we don't want to see?

Here's the link:

The Owl and The Cat

This is really something!!!


A SMILE For Your Day!!!

This is happiness expressed!!

Dog sees dad after he was gone for 6 months!

Argus Drone!

Here’s the future! 
What the drones overhead, at 17,000 feet, can see (down to a 6" image) and record.

Spy Drone Can See What You Are Wearing From 17,500 Feet!!!

Looking For A Laugh Today


Serenading the cattle with my trombone 
(Lorde - Royals)Farmer Derek Klingenberg

Beautiful Thai Ad

One of the lessons I have learned in life
is that we are, our brother’s keeper!

Beautiful Thai Ad – REAL Life Insurance

Street Singer - A Flash Mob of One

Street Singer -  Chanteur de la rue
Beautiful setting – amoung shoppers hurrying by and they stop and listen to this beautiful song, sung by, what looks like a down and out stranger.

Beautiful!  Enjoy!

Martin Hurkens, You Raise me Up

1950s Santa Fe Rail Road Promo Film

Entertaining promotional film from the Santa Fe RR's golden era of passenger rail travel:
Santa Fe RailRoad "The Super Chief" - 1950's Passenger Trains in the USA