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20 Of The Most Dangerous And Unusual Journeys To School In The World

Zhang Jiawan Village, Southern China      -        Children must climb up unsecured wooden ladders in order to reach school in this rural region of China.

 Imaginachina/Rex Features

Gula, China

Children must travel along a narrow path that measures only 1 foot wide for 5-hours in order to attend a remote school in Gula, China.

 Zanskar, Indian Himalayas

Kids have to be good at hiking to make it to school tucked away in the Himalayas. But since it’s a boarding school at least they don’t have to make the exhausting trip often.

 Timothy Allen

Lebak, Indonesia 
Children walk, or rather climb, across a damaged suspension bridge to get to school.
After these photos went viral, PT Krakutau Steel, Indonesia’s largest producer of steel, stepped in and built a beautiful new bridge. The children now enjoy a much safer commute to school.
 Reuters   &    Vivek Prakash

Rio Negro River, Columbia 
Children glide accross an 800m steel cable hitched 400m off the ground.
 Christopher Otto

Sri Lanka     
A group of schoolgirls use a thin plank as a bridge to cross The 16th century Galle Fort located in the heart of Sri Lanka.
Nico Fredia    &    Beawiharta

Riau, Indonesia       Imagine taking a canoe to school, it’s real life for students in Riau.

The roots of this giant tree have created the most beautiful of natural bridges. Thanks to this act of nature, these children have a pathway to school.

 The Atlantic

Beldanga, India       Children on a “Tuktuk” travel to school with backpacks in tow.

 Dilwar Mandal

Pili, China    
While this may look like the most difficult part of the journey, it is only one small stretch of the total 125-mile journey these children make through the mountains on their way to boarding school.

Delhi, India
These children rely on a bus with a lot of horse power–in fact this cart full of kids is being pulled by a horse.

Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia   
These children are educated and trained for the circus. On their way to and from school they must scale across a tightrope suspended 30 feet above a river.
 Pretty impressive!
 Panjalu Images

Forget about riding the bus, this little girl rides her bull to school!

Sichuan Province, China     
Even in the frigid snowy weather a broken bridge must make do if this little girl, bundled up in pink, wants to make it to school.

Kerala, India
Boating to school sounds like a nice way to start and end your day.
 Santosh Sugumar

Pangururan, Indonesia    
This wooden boat is packed full up to the roof before heading off to school.
 Muhammad Buchari

Cilangkap Village, Indonesia     
In order to attend school across the Ciherang River, bamboo rafts were made into a makeshift bridge. Just make sure to wear your rain boots!

Rizal Province, Philippines
River tubing isn’t just for summer vacation, these children use inflated tire tubes to get to school across the river.
 Bullit Marquez/AP
Dennis M. Sabangan/EPA

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Constant Motion-Incredible Video

This is so incredible!  You will be sitting on the edge of your seat the whole time!

If nothing else, this will get your heart racing!
I am sorry this one would not upload either, but I'm glad it won't, 
cause the videos don't upload in HD and you need to see this one in HD.

An AWESOME way to spend 10 minutes!!    ENJOY!!

The Coolest Thing I've Ever Seen A Marching Band Do!

2011 West Virginia University Marching Band
Armed Forces Salute

Sorry, I couldn't get the video to load -

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Annual Note From The Blogger

I'm a little late with my annual TOP TEN - I've been sick!

The Biggest upset I had this year was being reported for a picture that a reader did not want on on this web site.  I never did find out what picture it was?  A link was provided - with many, many others that were to be modified - I never did find the one that was the one for this web site.  I feel bad - PLEASE - if you see a picture on here that is yours and you want it deleted PLEASE leave a comment and let me know which picture it is and I will delete it.  Or if you just want your name attached, please include that info and I will do what you ask!  It is MUCH faster than reported it!

Thanks for all your views, goggle shares, posting on facebook and any other way you share these awesome email forwards with others!

Once again, I would like to state that none of these forwards are mine . . . they are just forwards that I have received and posted on here.  Thanks!

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Robin Williams As The American Flag


Robing Williams portrays the American Flag in "I Love Liberty",
a two-hour television special created by Norman Lear in 1982
and presented by People For the American Way.