Friday, March 8, 2013

How Can We Fix America?

He understand what can fix America
A Chevy/Cadillac dealer in western PA
got himself elected to congress last term.
Listen to him take the entire congress to the "woodshed". 
He says what I would like to say to congress!
You just wonder how long he can stay around.
It’s only 5 minutes – good words . . . 
But was anyone listening enough to make changes?

Judge Andrew Napolitano Natural Rights Patriot Act
Do yourself a service; stay with this one 'til the end!!!
This is part 3 of 3, you could go to youtube and search for the first two parts
Worth listening to - was totally shocked to hear the story Judge Napolitano told in this clip.
March 2012 

Made in USA......By the Chinese !
Another video that will get your blood boiling
U S Bridges, Roads
Being Built by Chinese Firms
Video clip is from Diane Sawyer on the ABC Evening News
October 13, 2011

Former KGB Official Explains Plan Unfolding in America Right Now!
BY KGB  Obama Socialist  Communist Marxist Maoist
October 2011

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