Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Grains of Sand . . .

. . .  Magnified 240 Times!

The pictures and short video are simply incredible!

All this is what we are walking on....unique grains of color.
Looking deep into Mother Earth and we find such Beauty.

Grains of sand magnified 240 times!

This is totally incredibly unbelievably amazing!

Grains of sand magnified 240 times!
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Don't forget to watch the 1 1/2 minute video half way down!

 The glacially deposited sands around Lake Winnibigoshish, Minnesota, contain abundant sediments from the igneous and metamorphic minerals of the Lake Superior basin. A sample includes pink garnets, green epidote, iron-rich red agates, black magnetite, and hematite. Image Copyright © 2008 Dr. Gary Greenberg.

The tip of a spiral shell has broken off and become a grain of sand. After being repeatedly tumbled by action of the surf this spiral sand grain has become opalescent in character. It is surrounded by bits of coral, a pink shell fragment, a foram (a type of protozoa) and volcanic material. Photo copyright Dr. Gary Greenberg.

 Sand Magnified by Yanping Wang

Sand Magnified 250x.

 Puffy Stars -- Star-Shaped Sand Grains from Okinawa. These tiny foram, a type of protozoa, secrete beautiful star-shaped, calcium carbonate shells, or

 Magnified 250 times. Every grain of sand in the world is unique when viewed through a microscope.

A handful of sand grains selected from a beach in Maui and arranged on a black background. Photo copyright Dr. Gary Greenberg.

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