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History Of Wedding Trends

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Overseas in Britain, where many of the country's young men had been sent off to war, young couples began forming romances through letter writing. Many of these couples became engaged without ever having met face to face, a phenomenon that resulted in larger number of "hasty war weddings."

Three models wear wedding dresses typical of the 1920s, with slim lines, short hemlines, and cloche veils.

The first fully automatic photographic film developing machine was patented in 1928, paving the way for wedding photography as we know it today. In the late 19th century, some couples began hiring a photographer to come to the wedding venue in order to pose for a formal wedding picture, but it wasn't until after World War II, once film roll technology was available and lighting techniques had improved, that photographers began capturing the entire wedding event.


Wedding cakes were initially thought of as a luxury item, as the refined sugars needed to make pure white frosting were very expensive. In fact, the term "royal icing" came about thanks to Queen Victoria and her extravagant, multitiered white-frosted wedding cake. Pictured here is a wedding cake from 1930.

Proof that couples have been attempting unique and quirky weddings for decades: This couple seals the deal with a kiss on a surfboard on December 3, 1932, just off Catalina Island, California. 


The first issue of BRIDES magazine hit newsstands in 1934 under the title So You're Going to Be Married, before being renamed.


Famed English tennis player Eileen Bennett wed racehorse trainer Marcus Marsh on September 28, 1936. She often wore headbands on the court and chose to walk down the aisle in a headpiece and long veil, which were in fashion at the time.


King Edward VIII gave up his crown to marry Wallis Simpson, a twice-divorced American, on June 1937. At just 326 days, Edward's reign was one of the shortest in British history.

At Grosvenor House in London, a model shows off a luxury gown made of 48 yards of satin and 22 yards of tulle. On average, 1930s brides paid $1,092 in today's dollars for their dresses.         GETTY IMAGES

Heiress Gloria Vanderbilt wed movie producer Pat DiCicco in Beverly Hills on December 28,1941. Even back then, the future fashion designer was ahead of her time: Even though cake toppers (reportedly) made their debut during the Victorian era, they didn't become popular until the 1950s.        GETTY IMAGES


Sixteen-year-old Marilyn Monroe (then known as Norma Jean Baker) married her 21-year-old neighbor, James Dougherty, on June 19, 1942.

Wartime weddings, such as this English couple's town hall ceremony, often saw the groom wearing his military uniform, while the bride donned her best dress in lieu of a gown.        GETTY IMAGe


Jazz singers Nat King Cole and Maria Ellington wed on Easter Sunday in Harlem, New York.


Necklines plunged during 1949, and wedding gowns were no exception. Shoulder-length, curled hair was also in style, and veils became shorter and simpler.


Eighteen-year-old Elizabeth Taylor wed the first of her seven spouses, Conrad "Nicky" Hilton, 23, on May 6, 1950. Their Bel-Air Country Club reception was Hollywood's social event of the year. Liz wore a gown by designer Helen Rose, who created both Taylor's wardrobe in Father of the Bride (released in 1950) and Grace Kelly's wedding dress.

Arguably the "it couple" of the 1950s, Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis' 1951 nuptials (with Jerry Lewis as the best man!) marked a classic Hollywood moment. The duo celebrated their small wedding with a tiered wedding cake and large floral centerpieces.   GETTY IMAGES


In September 1953, the media turned its spotlight to John Kennedy and Jackie Bouvier, as the famous couple wed in Rhode Island. Jackie's Battenburg lace dress was made from 50 yards of material, and she donned a veil that was originally worn by her grandmother.    BACHRACH/GETTY IMAGES

The popular CBS daytime series Bride and Groom featured real-life couples who would get married on air. Bet you didn't realize that reality shows were popular long before The Bachelor!       GETTY IMAGES   


Actress Olivia de Havilland donned a Christian Dior wedding dress with a high neck and long sleeves while filming the romantic comedy The Ambassador's Daughter, which was released the following year.


A wedding for the history books, Grace Kelly wed the Prince of Monaco in 1956, making the Hollywood starlet a real-life princess. Her wedding dress, designed by Helen Rode of MGM, is known as one of the most iconic wedding dresses and of all time— it's now on display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  


Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood celebrated their firstwedding on December 28, 1957 in Arizona. The couple divorced in 1962, only to rekindle their relationship and marry again in 1972.        GETTY IMAGES


Popular singer and actor Annette Funicello married her agent, Jack Gilardi, on January 9, 1965.        GETTY IMAGES

When 21-year-old Priscilla Beaulieu married 32-year-old Elvis Presley in Las Vegas on May1, 1967, hearts broke across the nation. The couple's wedding cake reportedly cost $3,200 ($22,000 in today's dollars).

 1968 -  Champagne car "Just Married"

The popular '60s trend of brides wearing short wedding dresses was still going strong at the end of the decade, and some brides opted for a hat as opposed to a veil. Audrey Hepburn went for both trends, wearing a short dress and a head-covering.    HANDOUT


In the1970s, wedding trends were all over the map, with brides wearing everything from traditional gowns to pantsuits. This was the decade when men started sporting colored tuxedos, too.        H. ARMSTRONG ROBERTS/CLASSICSTOCK

While the nuptials of Princess Anne and Mark Phillips were nowhere near as influential as Princess Diana's wedding would be eight years later, their wedding did embody some classic '70s wedding style—just check out Anne's turtleneck style dress. 

During the '70's, the desire to have a unique wedding went beyond distinctive wedding attire.  The ceremony itself also became more personalized including the choice of venue.  Weddings were starting to move out of churches, and the concept of having a destination wedding took off.


For her wedding to Rod Stewart in April 1979, Alana Hamilton wore an off-the-shoulder dress and a crown of baby's breath.        RON GALELLA


Welcome to the1980s—the decade of poofy shoulders, taffeta, lace frills, and cathedral trains.


The 1981 wedding of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles was an absolute game changer in the wedding world. An estimated 750 million people watched the ceremony on television—and soon brides everywhere were demanding a fairytale wedding.

After Princess Diana's wedding, everyone began channeling their inner royal. Extra lace accents, longer veils, and bigger bouquets abounded. Figure skater Dorothy Hamill married Dean Paul Martin in 1982, complete with—you guessed it—a big bouquet and lace details.

After the recession ended in 1983, wedding receptions became more and more extravagant. Elaborate multi-tiered wedding cakes—like this one featured on an episode of Knight Rider—were a must-have, with some towering as tall as eight tiers high.         GETTY IMAGES

Though it wasn't quite as legendary as Princess Diana's  big day, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York's marriage to Prince Andrew, Duke of York on July 23 became a iconic wedding moment of the 80's


Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson tied the knot in 1988—and they're still going strong 28 years later.

Vera Wang introduced her first bridal collection in 1990 and opened her flagship bridal salad in NYC.


Bridal gowns of the '90s were more sleek and simple than the styles popular in the 1980s, but brides still loved a small touch of poof and drama, which is evident in this photo from the wedding of Marla Maples and Donald Trump.

Sleek and simple was NOT Celine Dion's wedding get up to manager Rene Angelil on Dec 17, 1994.  The tiara was a big trend for '90's birds.  Though most chose to wear much simpler tiaras.


Thanks to Carolyn Bessette, minimal and simplistic bridal styles defined the latter part of the decade—spaghetti straps were a hot trend.

The 2000s saw the rise of the strapless wedding dress, with early aughts brides like Erica Levy (above) choose trendy silhouette.


Kelly Clarkson married Brandon Blackstock in a scenic ceremony at Blackberry Farm, a pastoral Tennessee resort. Kelly's romantic dress with lace sleeves is a nod towards the vintage wedding style that's come back in vogue in recent years.    KELLY CLARKSON/TWITTER


Prince William and Kate Middleton celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary on April 29, as the world takes a look back at their fairytale nuptials.

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