Monday, February 25, 2013

Incredible Flying!

Most Difficult Landing In The World? Bhutan in an Air Bus
WHEW! I was sweating just watching it. 
Would be easy for a Mohawk but not a big honker like an Airbus.
I'd hate even worse being in the back. They also have a video of a take-off from there.
Imagine they have more than a few aborts coming into this place and, no night landings!!
Impressive airmanship by any standards.
Wonder what the missed approach procedure is, 
once committed the circling maneuver in case one flew into some low clouds, rain shower or scud?

This pilot really knows how to fly -
incredible fly action
and a very good camera man, too!

The wing comes off while he's flying the plane -
incredible landing!

Is that a lawnmower in the skies?
Pure fun!!

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