Sunday, February 17, 2013

Two Year Anniversary - A Note From the Blogger

This is my two year anniversary!  I have enjoyed adding all these email forwards.  There are sooo many, sometimes is just boggles my mind!  I have gotten behind in my email forwards and currently have over 500 in my inbox right now!!  I have been trying to send out a few each week, so I don't overwhelm everyone's inbox!  Maybe I am spending tooo much time posting and not enough forwarding!

Maxine continues to be in the top three, but this is mostly left over from the first year, as she had such big hits then.  She still has a pretty good following, just not as much as the previous year.  Only four remain from last years top ten.

It has amazed me how the number one spot just sort of took off this year.  I posted this a year ago this month, but it has far surpassed any numbers and has become the number one post for the day, week, month and year.  Irena Sendler continues to be the overall number one post almost everyday!

Here are the top ten posts for the last two years, 
with their ranking from last year in parentheses:

No. 1    Irena Sendler - WWII Saver of Children 

No. 2   Calvin and Hobbes - Snowman Cartoons (2)

No. 3   Time For Maxine Again! (3)

No. 4   More Maxine on the Economy (1)

No. 5   Maxine on Christmas

No. 6    More Images of 9/11 and Video "BOATLIFT"

No. 7    Incredible Storm Pictures of Lighthouses

No. 8    Happy Thanksgiving (5)

No. 9    Computer Humor in Cartoons

No. 10  Circle of Friendship

With this post, I have made 427 posts
                          157 in 2011
                          228 in 2012
        and so far     42 in 2013

The most posts I've done in one month is 27

Next top 10:

No. 11  Illusions - Can You Find The Faces

No.12  MAXINE - She says it like it is!! (4)

No. 13  All Dogs Go To Heaven - Church Sign Battle

No. 14  Christmas Lights From Around The World

No. 15  Hurricane SANDY - Before and After Pictures of Jersey Shore

No. 16  Garfieled - That Rascal Cat!! (7)

No. 17  You Don't Have to Look Like Me To Be My Friend

No. 18  Really Incredible Paper Art Sculptures

No. 19  Happy St. Patrick's Day

No. 20  Those Wonderful "Kids With Santa" Pictures

I think I may have a solution of how to show you the incredibly awesome power points I receive.  I might try video taping them and then posting them on here.  I just need to find the time to do it!
These presentations from powerpoint  are all very spectacular!!

See next year's top 10 Click Here

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