Friday, August 23, 2013

25 Incredible Makeup Transformations

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#25 A Fine Art
Russian makeup artist Vadeem Andreev has been working in the fashion and television industries since 2005. His creativity and skill really shine through in his work. Just take a look at these incredible before and after shots!

 #24 Eye Treatment
Vadim's work on this woman's eyes makes it seem like she means business!
 #23 Modern Man
Vadim's mad makeup skills aren't just for women, as this guy can attest.
 #22 Ready for a Night on the Town
He also teaches his craft for those interested in learning his secrets. All you need is a ticket to Mother Russia!
 #21 Mistress of the Dark
Okay, so she's not exactly Elvira. But this model, completely unrecognizable from her before shot, is not someone we'd want bump into in a dark alley.
 #20 A Stunning Difference
It's amazing what a few dashes of color can do, when applied just right.
 #19 What A Difference
It really seems as if these are two completely different people. Just look at those eyes!
 #18 She's Exotic!
You wouldn't expect this look from her before photo, but after Vadim gets a hold of this model, she practically looks like Cher!
 #17 Bronze Ambition
It's amazing what a little (read: a lot) of bronzer can do!
 #16 A Thing of Beauty
Vadim's subtle use of color really makes this woman's best features stand out.
 #15 Belle of the Ball
She looks pretty tired in the before shot, but you'd never know it after Andreev has worked his magic
 #14 Cat Woman
They say changing your look can change your whole personality. These eyes clearly hold the power of persuasion.
 #13 Total Makeover
Not that she needs it — she looks great without the makeup — but after Andreev works his magic, this model is out of this world!
 #12 Brains!
The zombie craze just won't quit! At least, we think that's what's going on here.
 #11 Subtle Changes
Vadim may be known for his wild, colorful work, but he's also a master artist when it comes to bringing out someone's natural beauty.
 #10 A Night on the Town
Andreev not only does makeup; he's also an expert hairdresser.
 #9 Wild Side
This conservative-looking girl is completely transformed. It looks like party time to us!
 #8 Simple Elegance
Here's another example of Andreev's ability to bring out that natural look: not too flashy, but stunning nonetheless.
 #7 A Glamorous Glow
It's hard to tell if she's wearing colored contacts or not, but no matter. Her lashes and eye shadow look stunning either way!
 #6 Photo Finish
Vadim adds just the right accents to this lady's cheekbones, and her eye shadow seems to change the shape of her face altogether.
 #5 The Work of a Master
Here's yet another fine example of a model's complete transformation at the hands of an expert.
 #4 Can You Say Fabulous?
Vadim has also worked on ad campaigns for major international companies such as Converse and the Daily Mail.
 #3 Magazine Material
This after shot looks like it was ripped from the pages of a glossy periodical.
 #2 Metamorphosis
This girl looks like a million bucks once Andreev is finished.
 #1 Knockout
She already looks great without any makeup, but these after shots really knock it out of the park!
 I can’t believe what a difference makeup can make!!

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