Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Religion of Peace

The subject in my email forward "The Religion of Peace" as listed above, was quite an interesting subject to call this forward.  There is nothing else but these pictures.  What do you think they meant by this?  

September 2013

These are pictures from the Boston Bomb Blasts – these are very real pictures and not for children, or the weak of heart – please watch cautiously, as they are very graphic.

Boston Bomb Blasts
This is what really happened, very graphic!

I have left off the more graphic pictures.  If you would like to see the many more pictures (which some are very graphic)  CLICK HERE  The pictures are very large and will fill your whole screen.

Location of 1st Bomb Blast    
The 1st blast occurred at 4:09:43 race clock, (about 2:50 PM)

Location of 2nd Bomb Blast
Photo of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (white hat) Near (8yr old) Martin Richard (blue circle) Who Died in Boston Bombing (lower red circled image allegedly Tsarnaev’s backpack bomb). The FBI affidavit appears to refer to this photo.

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